Sunday, 2 July 2017

Summer Silence - Links for Calls to Submissions

As predicted I will be away from the blog over a large part of the summer. We've been away for a week with very limited internet access and now I'll have all the kids at home for 3 weeks until our next trip. I'm not writing as much, but I am trying to keep my submissions going out. 

Here are a few good sites for finding calls for submissions, with a bit of emphasis on UK publishers and competitions. 

Cathy's Calls and Comps - - a really good site I've come across this year. She has a good mix of worldwide calls for submissions and competition announcements. 

Scottish Book Trust Opportunities for Writers - - especially useful for Scottish writers, but also for UK listings. 

Poetry Ireland's Opportunities  for Writers - - a focus on Irish publishing.

Literary Mama - - useful for writing about being a mother, but also covers other categories. Mostly US based. 

Trish Hopkinson - - I've mentioned her site before and it is mostly US based but she does have a lot of good info, articles and interviews. 

Entropy - - again mostly US based, but a huge resource.

Aerogramme Writer's Studio also have lots of useful resources likes lists of residencies you can attend  and awards you can apply for, mostly US based, but some international information as well -

Submittable's Discover search engine - - again, I've mentioned this before and it's turning out to be a good app. It's in beta stage, so they're welcoming feedback. You have to join Submittable to use it, but it's free and if you're submitting work regularly to magazines very useful and often a requirement. You also get a regular email with more information on calls and articles on writing.

Strangely enough I haven't had much cross-over with these sites, so I've managed to find so many that I want to submit to that I have a list for when poems are freed up by rejections. 

I'll try to update this page as I find new ones. I've had one acceptance this summer (I won't count the rejections), so feeling postive. Wishing you luck in finding homes for your writing as well. 

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