Monday, 5 March 2018

My Work Featured in Online Magazines

As I've mentioned before I've only in the past few years really began submitting work regularly to online magazines. It still feels slightly odd to me. 

There are many benefits for the publishers to create virtual magazines rather than print and, of course, the biggest issue is money. Finding the income to pay for printing hundreds of copies on top any costs for posting, stationary, computer equipment, staff or premises costs is a constant battle. My editor worked herself to the bone trying to secure funding from arts organisations, advertisers, subscribers on top of editing, producing and promoting the magazine. Print on demand or online only magazines mean less initial outlay and no more large postage costs

Less time spent chasing funding means there's more time to create and edit the magazine. That includes playing with format. With printing costs what they are, you have to cut back in lots of different ways with real paper magazines. Size and number of pages, numbers of illustrations, using colour inside or on the cover. Online you can go wild with colours, illustrations, hyper-text. Your imagination is, or more truthfully, your computer skills are your limit. Some online blog zines also can even add new pieces everyday, so they have a need for a larger amount of submissions which can be good for the writer.  

You can reach a much wider audience. No more lugging boxes of magazines to bookstores to try and get them to take up copies. Or picking up the unsold ones. Someone with decent internet connection and a PayPal account in Outer Mongolia can download your magazine with a click.

I've recently had some poems published in some online magazines, so I thought I'd share links so you can check out my work, the magazines themselves and also consider sending your own work. Four very different magazines from Canada, Croatia, Ireland and the US.

I enjoyed working with The Light Ekphrastic because I had a chance to work with a visual artist and respond to her work and see her response to mine. See my post about working with other artists.

A New Ulster has a more traditional style but online. Hard copies can be ordered as print on demand.

Canada Quarterly is a new magazine, but is working up to an exciting find. They are currently just posting the work they accepted but will eventually bring it together as an anthology/ magazine issue.

Zvonainari is a multi-lingual magazine based in Croatia. They publish poetry, fiction and essays daily in a host of different languages and have a local outreach programme that includes a library, residencies and events.

Thanks to all the magazines, editors and hard working staff for accepting my work and publishing exciting work from other poets and artist as well. Best of luck to your future endeavours.

Get out there and explore the world of online literary magazines. 

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