Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Layering a Poem

I've been working on my crab poem all week, in the morning while the kids are waking up to screens (bad mum, I know). Tinker with a line here, reorder a stanza there. It's amazing how something that happened 30 years ago can inspire some scribbles fifteen years later and can eventually end up as a poem. 

Of course, the poem isn't about crabs. Buying crabs in Norway is just the jumping off point, the 'triggering town' of Richard Hugo's poetry philosphy. Returning to that moment on the beach takes me to another thought about the people I was spending my time with, how we were thrown together as a family, but really weren't one. Because so many years have passed I can look at the moment differently, break it down to see what else was going on.

The imagry I am using takes me to another thought, the artwork of Carolyn Saxby: found images, bits and pieces from beaches, brought together as collages, but also her use of décollage, removing parts of an image or artwork to reveal something new which also lends something to the poem. 

The poem's layers of words, imagry and story are added and taken away to build a remembered moment and the echoes of it across the years. 

If you ignore the 15 years between the first writing practices that gave me the foundation words and images and this week of actually writing it, this was a pretty quick poem for me.

And this will have to be a short blog post from me. My four year old keeps popping her head in to ask if I've finished my writing yet. Spiderman has been off for less than 10 minutes. I've even broken out the chocolate raisins to finish this. 

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