Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Pushing on with GloPoWrMo

I was hoping to get all inspired with Global Poetry Writing Month and work on some half finished poems or start new ones, but I really haven't had a chance to focus at all on poetry, needing to turn back to fiction and my novels. I was finally able to get back to my writing group so had to prep my submission for that and then edit and rewrite the section a few days after their response.

I also submitted a query letter to a publisher for my first novel and received a request to send them the first 50 pages and then the whole novel, so I had to quickly proof-read that and fight my printer to send out a hard copy. 

Now I have a builder with a min-jackhammer working in the room next to where I write, so poetry has taken a bit of a back seat this last week.

But it's never too late to start on new writing. I've found an old file with notes that could be developed into a poem. I've also taken a prompt from Judy Reeve's The Writer's Book of Days and begun to just free write around it with the theme of my notes in mind. 

It always amazes me to watch stream-of-conscious writing happen, especially my own. How my thoughts jump from one subject to the next, the dark corners I explore without meaning to, the jewels that are exposed in the process. The questions that come up are often too difficult to explore in one piece of writing, but are worth using for more writing practices even if I never do anything with them. 

Students who have never done this sort of writing are often worried when they go off theme, but I believe that is where you find the truth of what you want to write. I don't believe you should push a poem to be something you want, when your creative voice is demanding to say something else. It's been my experience that those words will continue to try an come out as much as you want to ignore them. 

I need to listen to my own advice. The dark corner that was revealed with this last writing practice should be explored, but I will do it in my own time. Difficult subjects or moments don't have to be broached immediately and definitely don't need to be shared, but it's worth doing some private writing about them, to see where they take you. 

My list of 'Things I Want to Write' I made back in January is almost all ticked off. I have one poem that's almost finished and one that's still in the sketching stage. I have a vague note about a poem I'd like to write in the future, but not ideas about how to approach it, so that will be transferred to a new list. So I think that will be part of my focus for my writing practice tomorrow, a new 'To Write' list. 

What are you doing for GloPoWrMo?

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