Thursday, 26 January 2017


I've decided to move this blog's focus onto my writing, so I have deleted a lot of my old posts and changed the intro. A fresh start. 

I have been trying to work all this week. I've printed out the first 100 pages of my current novel and am rereading and editing them. I've done some free writing in my journal, on subjects from my To Do List and just random writings. I've written a bit on the poems I'm working on. 

It may seem I'm all over the place, but with the limited parcels of time I have to allot for my writing, doing several projects in small time periods seems to work, though overall progress is slow going. 

I've received another rejection from a magazine this week and have been scanning sites for new magazines to submit to. I've been submitting work to UK magazines since 1996 and some magazines have rejected my work dozens of times. I have a little notebook where I tracked submissions from 1996-2009 and now I have a computer file that notes where I've submitted each poem to. 

I'm not really bothered by rejection. I worked in publishing for awhile at Chapman magazine in Edinburgh and I quickly realised that rejections were just an editor's personal opinion. Your style may just not mesh with that particular editor. I've had editors that have accepted everytime I send something and other places that have never accepted my work. I just keep sending things out, hoping to hit the right person on the right day. 

I spent a bit of time yesterday on The Poetry Kit site. I mostly use it for the Calls for Submissions, Contests and Magazine sections and for the most part it's quite good. I did realise yesterday though that the UK Magazine section is sadly out-of-date. Just clicking links in the S section more than half of the links didn't work, went to different places than they should have or the magazines have closed down. It makes the already lengthy process of finding magazines that suit your work much harder. I've emailed them about the problem and hopefully they'll work on an update soon. 

The Trish Hopkinson site I mentioned in my last blog is quite good for info about magazines with calls for submissions or info about new or interesting new presses and magazines, but she is US-based and so is most of the things she mentions. She does do lists of international magazines. If anyone knows of a similar blog, please put a link in the comments. 


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