Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Summer Slow Down

Not sure how many of these weekly posts I'll be able to keep up with now that the schools are out. This week is hectic, but the next two they have a few days of summer camp, so I hope to get some time for writing.

Poetry submissions are like buses, after waiting for over a month 3 rejections came in at once. All the poems went back out. I finished the poem I've been working on. Nothing new waiting in the wings, I'll need to have some adventures to build fodder material. 

Speaking of, I saw a call for submissions on Trish Hopkinson's website for writing that was about writing which intruiged me. I have a subject in mind for that, so need to scribble down some notes. I doubt I'll get it done for the deadline of mid-June, but it's enough to get me started and sometimes you need that deadline hanging over you to take the leap.

I caught up my rewriting on my first novel to the point where the story started previously. 12,000 new words. I still need to go through and edit and rewrite the rest with some of the editor's comments in mind, but I'm in no rush. I need to let it sit for a while to see if I like this version.

My writing group has been hit or miss the past few weeks as so many people are away, so I'm not sure how much feedback I'll get from them over the summer. I still want to prep my next section of the second novel this week, just in case it runs. We had just a social session last week which was nice, if a bit odd as I'm not quite the college graduate anymore. 

A slower patch isn't a bad thing, I'm just worried with 11 weeks of summer holidays I'll find it hard to get back into routine when August rolls around. I'll try to do more reading, writing in my journal to keep my mind ticking over. And I'm planning to spend a little time in the morning keeping on top of submissions and this blog. 

Enjoy the summer. 

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