Sunday, 30 August 2020

Looking for Distractions

End of second full week of school and I've only been able to work at the school two days because of a cold. It hasn't been bad, but our city has regulations that any sign of illness and you have to stay home, students and teachers. 

So I've been home since Wednesday and now I have three kids down with it. Luckily, they changed the rules about getting a negative Covid test before returning just on the day I was scheduled to get two of us tested. I cancelled, as I'm sure this is just a summer cold. Half of us are almost recovered, two are just starting and my last healthy child is lording it over us all, forgetting she always gets these things the worst of any of us. It's going to be a fun autumn. 

Writing-wise, I'm working on a new collection. Not that my short Scottish collection that's been scheduled to be published this year is anywhere near seeing the light of day, nor has my Finnish collection been picked up by anyone, but it's giving me something new to focus on. In spite of my recent posts about self-belief, I'm still struggling with mine. So I'm snuggling up with my daughter's crepes and writing poems about strong women, forgotten women on another wet Sunday. 

And reminding myself I am one. No word on the job I interviewed for, no word from my course supervisor. I'm going to get the kids' dad to come over and watch those still sick on Friday as he's working from home and distract myself with work. Everything feels like a slog at the moment. 

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