Sunday, 25 October 2020


I poured myself a glass of pear juice from the box in the fridge, took a big drink and thought it must have fermented as it tasted odd. It was wine from a similar looking carton. So I'm enjoying the relaxing buzz of that first drink of wine at lunch time, a strange, but welcome feeling. It won't last. 

I've been wanting to curl up for a nap all morning and this isn't helping. The dark mornings aren't helping. I've switched on the SAD lamp, it's not helping. The recent cold snap that reminds me that winter is too close also isn't helping. 

I'm trying to help myself. Booked an evening off to go to a friend's open mic event, met a fellow editor for a coffee to chat about advice to get my business going, I'm sending my CV off everywhere. I've had some days teaching which have broken my dry spell with subbing. I've raked 8 bags of leaves. I spent hours yesterday trying to sort out my poems that are scattered over several files, so they're all together and all the latest version. Life ticks on. 

I've worked on a single poem for ages over the past week. This morning I put it in a word mixer and totally dismantled it to start again. I've never thought to do that before, but I might go back to some other half-written pieces and try it. There was something freeing with removing myself from the previous idea and just focusing on what the words say when they were scrambled together. Wish I could do that with other half-sorted problems littering my life. 

Another poem that I've started anew is 'Duolingo' which has recently appeared in the first issue of Drawn to the Light. I started writing the poem for a Scottish Gaelic writing competition. I badly translated it. When it was declined, with lovely comments from the judges about my attempt, I removed most of the Scottish Gaelic and expanded the poem. Writing it was a sentimental journey, so it was lovely it could find a home. 

I hope you find a bit of light in these dark days. 

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