Thursday, 25 January 2018

Back in the Saddle Again

Writing a weekly blog is as difficult as I thought . . . thanks for all the readers who have come through the Poetry Bloggers Revival Tour. It's pushed me to keep going. I've also read some really interesting bloggers in the group, so I'd definitely recommend wandering through the list on the link above.

My scheduled writing time last week didn't go to plan, but that's not unusual. I got a page written when my son showed up in a panic and I had to help sort his problem. Once we managed that, my daughter's lesson had finished and that was the end of my writing time.

I went to my writing group though which is always a boost to my writing mood. I also edited and rewrote my submitted chapter to my group's helpful comments. I wrote a film review for my other blog. I'm still chugging away at the two poems I need to finish and I found two images in my head that are probably the beginnings of something or a couple of somethings. So the week wasn't a total loss. Sometimes you have to accept the little wins, they can lead to bigger things.

For me, the more I write, the more the writing comes to me. It's like priming a well to get the full flow. So I scribble a few minutes in waiting rooms and cafes, at night when my thoughts are all over the place even though it feels like nothing will come of the half-coherent pages. 

Today I sat down at my scheduled writing time and wrote 3 pages, most of it the beginnings of a poem from one of those ideas that was percolating last week. I also managed to write out a new list of things I want to write: a few poems to finish, but also ideas for 3 new ones. 

My poetry is a slow process, sometimes I'll write a line or two on a poem in a day or tweak a few words or structure and that's it. I once submitted 2 poems for a themed anthology and the editor, a bit of a legend in American poetry, said he wanted 10 pages for my submission, so could I whip up another 8 in few weeks. I was amazed he thought that was possible, but everyone's process is different. 

I like having several projects to work on at one time, so I can move about a bit when the inspiration slows up. I also switch between fiction and poetry, writing and editing, blog, personal and creative writing. I may not get as much done as someone who sits for hours on their novel or turns out poem after poem in a day, but I've found a writing process that works for me and sometimes that's half the battle. 

I finally feel like I'm ready to push into 2018 properly. 

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