Saturday, 6 January 2018

Working Well with Others - Collaboration

Sometimes the opportunity comes up to work with other artists and all I can say is to jump at any chance presented to you. Working with other writers or even artists from other media is a great way to expand your repertoire, get your name further into the public domain and to put some spice in your work.

Over the years I've had various opportunities to work with other writers for readings, anthologies, workshops and other events, but I've really enjoyed branching out with artists from different art forms such as writing an improvised short play for a drama group, creating children's workshops with an electronic visual artist and a musician. Usually I'm asked to respond to an work of art and write a poem inspired by it and to give poems for an artist to respond to.

This is what the editor Jenny O'Grady at The Light Ekphrastic online journal has recently asked me to do. She's accepted a few of my poems and then paired me with a visual artist. We've shared our work and will create a new piece inspired by the each other's work. After looking at the pieces by the artist I've already started sketching out ideas for a new poem. I'm looking to see what she comes up with as well. Our work has been published and here's a link.

It gives me a boost of inspiriation to work with other artists, especially if you can do it in person and actually spend time discussing art, the project and various subjects. Writers and artists usually work too much in isolation, it is so good to connect even for short periods which is why I push for writers to attend writing groups, readings and other events. 

On a related note, I've joined the 2018 Poetry Bloggers Revival Tour, a conversation among poet bloggers to try and post weekly in 2018. Probably easier said than done, but I'm hoping it will push myself in all areas of my writing to write more. Check out the links on the post above to find some new poets to read and follow. Join the conversation. 

Happy 2018. I hope it's a creative and fruitful year for you. 

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