Monday, 3 June 2019

Take the Good with the Bad

I've had five poems published on the Dodging the Rain online magazine. The site is beautifully laid out, but I also like the fact that they publish a larger selection of poems from each poet and the poems I've read seem to flow so well together and it gives a really immersive feel for the poets' work. I'm pleased to have my work included.

I'm feeling even more isolated than with my last post, Twitter may not be good for me. It does have its good sides; finding out about calls for submissions and upcoming opportunities, but often I cannot take advantage of the grants, readings, etc, because I'm in the wrong place. I'm not bothered by other poets' sucesses and actually enjoy seeing them, but my lack of a local writing circle and opportunities being an English poet in Finland means I don't have those chances myself. But I'm trying not to wallow and figure out ways to help myself.

Writing has always been a more solitary occupation which I'm fine with in terms of the actual process, but social media means that writers can connect and share their experiences and opportunities through blogs and places like Twitter. 

I'm enjoying being part of the Poetry Blogging Network, reading different blogs and seeing how we're alike in so many ways with how we deal with issues that affect writers and artists. I enjoy my writing group when I can attend, though that's been more difficult lately and things will quiet down over the summer. I need to find a way to find out about and be more involved in local writing events, readings, book launches, but it's difficult with my toddler Finnish skills. I'm considering organising something myself, but it's still just a thought at the moment.

But enough of the negative, my American Submittable magazine submissions keep getting rejected, but a slow trickle of UK acceptances continue to come in. I've had more acceptances and publications this year than I can ever remembers, so I am thankful and will keep chugging on. 

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