Tuesday, 28 December 2021

The End of 2021 Draws Nigh

The end of the year rolls near and I am just lifting my head towards my blog. It's been forgotten in the shuffle of working life and as that end-of-year-in-review feeling rolls in I have to be honest with myself about several things. 

Where I am at geographically, career-wise, with a view to my family and my energy levels means I cannot place much focus on my writing. And 2022 will be even more difficult. I'm starting my teacher training course in January while working full-time at a school and raising my kids. I'm currently fitting writing in at the weekends, but soon that will be taken over by my course. I will continue to try and do a bit of writing, but compromises will be made. 

And it hurts to think I will have to put it aside or squeeze it into the cracks. I would love to be working as a writer even part-time, but I need to focus on a career that I know will give some financial security. I'm finishing off a commission for some poetry this week and coming to the end of an editing job. I hope other small opportunities present themselves, but I will have to protect what little time I have to study and spend with my kids as much as I can.

My book will obviously not be published in 2021. I knew this was the case from early summer as nothing seemed to be moving forward, including communication. Maybe something will happen next year, but I no longer hold out much hope. My book was accepted about the time my decades-long relationship fell apart, so it felt a positive part of my renewal, a reason to look forward and celebrate my hard work. Then Covid and Brexit and Time bulldozed on through and here I am, still waiting, trying to be patient. 

It's not all negative, I have earned more money for my actual poems than ever before with a few commissions and projects I've had on my own and through the Helsinki Writers Group. My group is so uplifting and fun. I'm glad we've managed to find things we could do together and to keep things going in the uncertainty of the last two years. 

I've also had lots of work accepted. I'll do a proper numbers and thank yous post later, but here are a few that I've missed posting about. Sorry for no personal shout-outs. 

Fahmidan Journal, in their language issue.

Fevers of the Mind Poetry Showcase.

Haar, a Scottish poetry zine. 

Hecate, the 'Decay' issue, is available for digital download. 

Product, a Scottish arts journal.

The Poetry Archive, a video of my poem included in their World View exhibit.

The Wild Word, their education issue. 


Thanks to all the editors and staff who have worked hard in difficult times to get these issues out. I am in awe of their dedication and thankful to be included in their publications. 

So 2022 awaits and should be an interesting year. 

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